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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 14, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison, it's thursday, june 14th, 2012. breaking news right now police are investigating the murder of a deli owner in northeast washington. police responded to a call of a woman found unconscious in a deli in the 700 block of seventh street. she was later pronounced dead and it was ruled a homicide. news 4 tracee wilkins is live at the scene and has the latest for us. tracee, good morning. >> good morning. police are still holding the scene here and continuing their investigation. they've been here all morning long, ever since this woman was discovered, but they just ruled
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it a homicide, literally, a few minutes ago. family members rushed to the scene after they received the news that their loved one was found dead inside the deli she ran for so many years. her son identified the deceased as his mother, 65-year-old june limb. >> a little after 6:00 this morning we got a phone call for an adult female who was unc unconscious at this location. >> discovered dead inside the store after employees reported to work this morning. she was supposed to open the deli, like she always did. people here comes call her grace because of the name of the store. as news of her death spread, there were tears, great sadness and prayers for a woman for people in this community love
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dearly. >> we call her on the phone and if we call her on the phone and we go in there and know exactly what we want and have it ready for us. if we don't have money, she'll say, pay me on pay day. >> she said i'll see you tomorrow. >> now you saw there that there was a picture of a group of women who were praying. they began praying as they saw her body taken out of the store and put in the back of the medical examiner's van. the feeling here in the community all morning long. we had folks who have said they miss her already and they broke down into tears when they heard that she had passed. this woman was beyond a woman who served sandwiches here. she was definitely considered a staple in this community. now, d.c. police have not said exactly what the cause of death is at this point. they're waiting on the report from the medical examiner's office. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> thank you, tracee. right now the montgomery county council is discussing 911
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dispatchers working 24-hour shifts. a dispatcher who fell asleep on the job earlier this year. news 4 broke that story. megan mcgrath is live outside rockville with more. megan, good morning. >> good morning, barbara. should 911 dispatchers work 24-hour shifts or should that scheduling system be changed? that's what's being debated in the wake of a very disturbing incident involving a sleeping dispatcher. phil andrews thinks that shifts should be shortened but the fire chief disagrees. he said the mistake of one person shouldn't upend a system that has worked for years. >> hold on a second, ma'am, let me try to get them on the line, again. >> reporter: the woman called 911 because her husband was having trouble breathing but when the 911 dispatched they didn't get the help they needed, what they got was a sleeping dispatcher whose snoring could clearly be heard on the line. >> okay.
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>> a call taker or dispatcher fell asleep and that is something that we need to make sure does not happen, again. >> reporter: the montgomery county council is now looking into the policy of 24-hour shifts for call takers, a practice that has been in place for eight years. councilman phil andrews chairs the public safety committee. he would like to see a change to shorter shifts. >> well, i'm inclined to work a shorter shift. i think you're likely to have shorter productivity with shifts that 8 to 12 hours with the breaks built in to equal the 24. i need to hear an argument about why we should keep them. >> fire chief richard bowers doesn't think the 24-hour shifts are the problem. he believes what happened is an isolated incident, one of human error and says changing in the configuration have been made allowing the supervisor a direct view of call takers.
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>> kind of look at the star trek enterprise where the captain could see everybody and the screens and the people, et cetera. that's what we've done here. >> the chief also stresses that this incident happened in a backup call center, not the primary 911 call center and he says a similar seating arrangement is in the works at that center, as well, to make sure that no one can fall asleep. that the supervisor can see everyone who is in that call center. reporting live in rockville, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> thank you, megan. turning to the weather. a mix of sun and clouds out there right now. little breezy, too. feels quite comfortable here in the nation's capital. tom, tell us about the forecast. >> really does not seem like a typical day in mid-june. that's a live picture from our high definition city camera here in washington. there's a view of the sky looking at the clouds over the potomac river and sunshine earlier and now the sky has really been filling with clouds and we have another look at the
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sky cover here over looking into fairfax county from our vantage point in upper northwest washington and in the foreground and off in the distance, tyson's corner and fairfax county and a lot of clouds there, as well. view from the clouds from the satellite way up in space and quite a bit of cloudiness and those areas in white and all that area across much of northern virginia, the district and maryland, south and east of washington. a lot of clouds. but north of us and far west of us, it's all bright and sunny. so, we have quite a difference in our sky. now, looking at this map here with these areas in yellow. those are the zones in the 70s and those areas in green are where the temperatures are in the 60s. right now at reagan national airport, 75 degrees and low and mid-70s throughout maryland and virginia and the eastern shore. for the rest of the afternoon, looks like partly cloudy, just a slight chance of a sprinkle, highs reaching near 80 by mid-afternoon. a look at friday, the weekend and into next week, your
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seven-day outlook in just a couple minutes, barbara. >> all right, tom, thank you. meanwhile, let's check on the mid-day traffic. danella sealock standing by. any problems out there? >> if you're traveling in georgetown. there is a problem. water main break that is causing delays this morning. m street northwest at wisconsin avenue and in both directions, only one lane is going to get by. so, please approach with caution and avoid the area because crews are clearly working on that water repair. let's head over to the 14th street bridge there. we see bridge work continuing, again, taking away that left lane for you. if you stick to the right, things look really good for you. 395 heading northbound to the 14th street bridge, barbara, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. three people are in the hospital this morning after a hit and run accident in northeast d.c. the crash happened around 5:00 yesterday on kennelworth avenue near the d.c./maryland line. police say a man drove his car into an elderly woman's suv with
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two children inside. the man jumped out of the car and took off on foot. we spoke to a woman who saw the crash. >> then i'd seen two kids over in a car and in an vs vurx. one bleeding from the head. >> at last check, the elderly woman and the two children are in serious condition at the hospital. and this morning, a northern virginia family is grieving the loss of a loved one killed while she walked on a popular trail. they want to prevent another tragic accident from happening. ida walked on four-mile run trail every day for 15 years. the 80-year-old russian immigrant died on monday. police say a 62-year-old man riding his bike down a hill saw ida and tried to warn her, but when she turned around, the cyclist hit her. she fell backwards, hit her head on the pavement and died at a hospital. her family says she enjoyed those walks.
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>> she loves it. and she always. what else am i going to do? just sit at home? i'm not going to just sit at home. >> the family called the arlington park and rec department. they suggested that they create two paths, one for walkers, the other for bikers. police investigating the incident ruled it an accident and will not charge the man. and this morning, we've confirmed exactly what many people saw being escorted by police across the beltway last night. it was not a ufo, instead, it was a drone. the military confirms that the large drone was taken from garret county, maryland, to the air station for testing. the aircraft actually originated in california. but when many drivers saw the unusual craft on 495, they thought they'd seen a ufo.
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twitter blew up with reports of sightings of the unusual object along with pictures of what looked like a flying saucer. our time is 11:09. dueling speeches on the economy in ohio today. what the president and mitt romney is expected to address. why republicans are calling i was paying too much with cable.
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today, president obama will see first hand how construction on the freedom tower in new york is progressing. he and first lady michelle obama will tour the construction site where the world trade center once stood. the freedom tower is scheduled to open in early 2014. it was originally supposed to be done last september on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. already the tallest building in new york. and while in new york, the first couple will attend two high-end fund-raisers for the president's re-election campaign. sarah jessica parker and her husband, matthew broderick are hosting a $40,000 a person event at their home. the obamas will attend a fund-raiser that will include a performance by mariah carey. the president hopes to raise
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$4.5 million today. president obama and mitt romney will both discuss the economy today in ohio. the buckeye state could be the divisive state or the decisive state this november and it's particularly important to mitt romney. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. maryland voters will now have the chance to decide on the dream act. the state's court of appeals ruled the law can go up for a referendum on november's ballot. lawmakers passed the dream act last year that allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges or universities. those students whose parents filed their income taxes in the united states. governor martin o'malley, who supports the dream act, says he plans to help encourage voters to approve that measure. now, take a good look at this picture. do you recognize that profile? well, it's decapitated prosthetic head of former president george w. bush. it was used in the season one
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finale of "game of thrones." we can't show you the exact scene it was used in because it was just too gory. now, the creators of the show are apologizing for using it and in a statement they said it wasn't meant to be disrespentful or political statement. they say the prosthetic body parts are rented in bulk from other movies or shows and not made for each particular scene. some republicans are calling to boycott on that particular show. and storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now with a look at our forecast and it's a nice one, at least for now. >> it does feel comfortable, for mid-june. usually we're sweltering in heat and humidity, but not today. we have comfortable temperatures, not too humid. we have a little cloudiness. live view from our city camera showing cloudiness over washington and some breaks in the clouds and sunshine breaking through, that's a live view. right now 75 and rather cloudy at reagan national. we have an easterly wind around 10 to 15 miles an hour.
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and around the region, we have had that wind flapping the flags on this flag day. i took this picture earlier this morning. if you have an interesting weather or nature photo, send it to us at around the region, we have that wind coming in out of the east, northeast flapping the flags around 15 miles per hour and bringing clouds across the bay and eastern shore, low 70s. and the nearby suburbs and further west and north and maryland and low to mid-70s and started off this morning in the 40s in west virginia and highlands and central shenandoah valley on june 14th, certainly quite a cool start this morning. an area of high pressure to the north for that and a coastal area of low pressure just off cape hatteras giving us this northeast flow and cloudiness around the eastern shore and the bay and south of washington, northern neck and areas throughout much of northern virginia are all cloudy now, but the rest of maryland is bright and sunny and so is much of west
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virginia and areas from the blue ridge west are all sunny and as we go forward over the next 48 hours. these batches of greens, these are zones of potential sprinkles, we might get a few sprinkles from some clouds this afternoon, just a very small chance and then after this evening and into the predawn hours tomorrow, we'll begin to clear out and just a few clouds to our south and then the rest of friday looking bright and sunny and beautiful weather pattern setting up for the weekend with low humidity in place and the rest of this afternoon, just sprinkles perhaps off and on, very small chance. we'll have our temperatures reaching near 80 by mid-afternoon. wind out of the northeast around 5 to 15. overnight tonight, heading out this thursday evening and partly cloudy, cool, down to the mid-60s by midnight and then by dawn tomorrow, the 50s. and a beautiful day on friday. afternoon highs near 80 with partly cloudy sky in the morning and sunny during the afternoon. beautiful weekend coming up, saturday and sunday, both mornings in the 50s and afternoon highs near 80. great weather for saturday and father's day on sunday.
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and then first part of next week, we'll have still pleasant weather, although we'll probably have increasing clouds and getting a little more humid into the 80s by mid-week and maybe a passing shower on wednesday. my last school visit of the school year was yesterday. travel to fairfax and visited the eagle view elementary school and talked to these very bright and happy second graders. they already studied weather and we talked about the importance of weather and the importance of paying attention to the forecast and what to do when severe weather threatens. leslie lizi invited me. fairfax, virginia, the last school visit of the school year. this is their last day tomorrow in fairfax county for school this year. >> so they can watch you all summer long, tom. >> that's right, i told them. >> all right, we look forward to that. thanks a a lot, tom. we'll check on the mid-day traffic, again, here's danella sealock. any problems? >> taking the outer loop of the beltway. let's start in maryland. as you make your way towards the
11:19 am
dulles toll road. volume in this area, not seeing accidents, that's really good. head over to van dorn street, this is where you start to hit delays. continue as you make your way across the wilson bridge and i'll give you the travel speed, pretty slow at 32 miles per hour. looking for accidents, not seeing any, just delays. >> thank you, danella. 19 minutes after 11:00 and still ahead on news 4 midday. how fathers can take the business approach to parenting and succeed. plus, give the gift of fitness this father's day. steve heys is here with a perfect father/son workout for you. first, here's a look at i was paying too much with cable.
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the number of stay-at-home dads and single dads is growing in this country. many of these men are making a conscious choice and commitment to be at home with their children to the benefit of their families. our next guest has come to visit us to talk a little bit about some advice he has for fathers
11:23 am
who might end up in that situation or choose to be. making a plan is the first business thing that you would tell somebody to do, whether they were starting a business or raising children. before you tell us that, what is your background and how did you become a single dad? >> well, my background is that of health care and business. and my daughter's mother and i divorced when she was about 7. she looked at me with those big brown eyes of hers and said, dad, i'm staying with you. so, all of a sudden i was thrust from just being a businessperson and a dad in a nuclear family, so to speak, to raising a daughter by myself. >> how did you decide to rely on the business principles that you were using? >> you fold back to what you were most comfortable with or what you know best. and parenting, i was no expert on that. but i did know business.
11:24 am
and in every business, there is a plan. and my plan was to raise a happy, well-adjusted, self-confident, young woman. >> did you write all this down? did you make a business plan like folks do when they try to open a business? >> i wish i could tell you i did. but i did most of it off the cuff, yet, going back, when i was writing this book, it was all happening with remarkable similarity to what you would see in a business plan. >> give us an example of a business skill that you used in raising your daughter. what would you have done in business that you saw was app c applicable? >> empowerment and leadership is really about empowering someone. and empowering someone, especially a child, is about giving them the tools to make the right, informed decisions for their station in life. in my case, it was -- >> a 7-year-old girl. >> no, this was happening a little bit later, but it does start, really, even before 7:00 and it continues to this day. >> children make choices and --
11:25 am
>> make choices but giving them limits and parameters within those choices. >> just like a boss would do with their work snrz. >> exactly. >> you discuss in the book "chief daddy officer" the concept of trust and verify. what do you mean by that? trust and verify? >> in business we call them auditors, government calls them inspectors, in families they're parents. it's all about being vigilant and, in my case, which was freshman in college, in high school, rather, and she said she was going to spend the weekend with some friend. i was going to go away on that same weekend but as i was leaving the house, something didn't look right and seem right and didn't have a right feel so i decided to stay on home. much to my disappointment, but not surprise, 20 minutes later they show up, they being my daughter and five of her friends. >> i see. >> they found me, they saw my car in the garage and they speed out of the driveway and i call her on her cell phone and i
11:26 am
said, look, unless you're back on this driveway in 20 seconds, there will be blue lights behind this car. >> you have to trust, but you have to verify. >> what happened was it was a disaster was averted because about 120 kids. >> tell me about your relationship with your daughter today? >> my relationship with my daughter could best probably be described in a letter she gave me just on her wedding day and she just says this, "today as i walk down the aisle, that was on her wedding day, as i mentioned, i will have my number one man walking by my side. every day i cherish the blessing that i was born with and i can only pray that as i turn a page in my family that i would be half as great a parent as he was. i will then feel like i succeeded. >> sounded like those business principles worked for you. thanks for coming in and talking about your book "cdo chief daddy officer." and ceo of his own company.
11:27 am
thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday" four men accusing jerry sandusky of abuse are expected to testify in a pennsylvania courtroom before the defense takes over. we'll take a look at what happens this morning. plus, a soccer mom accused of being a high-end madame. what she's accusing prosecutors of doing. and will this be a beautiful day? day? [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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that's 1-877-729-3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ♪ fios. a network ahead. right now on news 4 midday, police are currently on the scene of a murder on a popular northeast washington deli. earlier this morning the owner, 65-year-old june lem was found unconscious. police declared it a mhomicide. one of her employees declared there was a struggle. today marks the fourth day of testimony in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse trial. he is facing 15 counts of abuse
11:31 am
against ten boys. melissa mollet is here with the latest. >> good morning. emotional, wrenching testimony. jurors have now heard from six alleged victims and two more are expected to take the stand later today. sandusky has reportedly shown no emotion as the witnesses have testified. this is video of him arriving in court earlier. this morning jurors heard from a 25-year-old man whose 1998 encounter with sandusky was investigated but resulted in no charges. penn state on wednesday another accuser, who had been in foster care said sandusky assaulted him and told him heeds he'd never see his family again if he told anyone about the attack. now, sandusky denies the allegations. the trial has been fast moving. the prosecution could wrap up
11:32 am
its case as soon as tomorrow. of course, we'll keep you updated trout the day. barbara? >> thank you so much, melissa. meanwhile, jury deliberations in the roger clemens case are on hold until monday. the judge had to travel to new orleans for a speaking engagement before recessing yesterday the jurors asked for a master list of evidence. they don't expect a quick verdict as there are hundreds of pieces of evidence to sift through. clemens is accused of lying to congress about taking performance enhancing drugs during his time in major league baseball. the so-called soccer mom madame is speaking out today about her arrest and the charges against her. police and prosecutors say anna gristina ran a high-end prostitution ring from a manhattan apartment. she admits she ran a matchmaking service but said it was legal. she told matt lauer that authorities are keeping her in custody just to get information from her. information she says she does not have. >> i think you said in an
11:33 am
interview you gave not long ago that you felt the prosecutors were trying to sweat you. i think that's the term you used. by that you mean what? that they were going to sit you here at ritkers island which is a fairly notoriously tough place. >> yeah. >> they were going to sit you here until you decided to cooperate? >> yes. >> you still feel that way? >> 100%. not a doubt in my mind. >> a judge reduced gristina's bail this week from $200 million to $250,000 or $100,000 in cash. get ready for a crackdown on aggressive driving in fairfax county. operation summer heat. heat stands for help eliminate aggressive traffic. it starts tomorrow and runs through september 3rd. fairfax police on the lookout for things like reckless driving, speeding and following too close. the case of a murdered
11:34 am
virginia tech student is getting some high-profile help. the band metallica released a public service announcement asking people for help in the case of morgan harrington. she went missing back in october of 2009. three months later police found her remains in a nearby field. investigators discovered dna from the suspect and connected it to a sexual assault in fairfax city back in 2005. >> hi, i'm james of metallica. if you've seen the person in this sketch -- to anyone with information on this case. d.c. residents, here's your chance to let the district know how it's doing. people living in d.c. can now grade the city, thanks to a new website. yesterday mayor vincent gray launched it. residents can grade five different agencies, including the dmv. the agencies will get the
11:35 am
standard a through f grading scale. the data will be collected and released to the public next month. mayor gray says he hopes the comments help improve agency operations. dozens of ships have made their way into the inner harbor for the start of sailabration. 40 vessels from a dozen nations will spend the week in baltimore. most will be oepen to the public, too. in addition to the ships, there will also be a free air show on saturday and sunday featuring the blue angels. let's find out what kind of weather they're going to have for those events. here's tom kierein now. tom? >> quite a spectacle to see the tall ships and beautiful in baltimore and just south and east of there, across the bay, eastern shore and it's been mostly cloudy and the clouds closed in over washington, too. live view and a lot of cloudiness around and a few peeks of sun coming through and view from space showing that cloud cover just south of washington across much of northern virginia, southern
11:36 am
maryland, northern neck eastern shore and north and farther to the west of washington, it is mostly sunny. temperatures right now into the 70s most of the region and then later today into the upper 70s to near 80 with clouds coming and going and just a small chance of an isolated sprinkle from those clouds mid to late afternoon and then overnight tonight, partly cloudy and down to the 50s by dawn on friday. some clouds tomorrow morning, sun in the afternoon, highs reaching near 80 and low humidity and a delightful weekend to follow, saturday and sunday now looking terrific with sunshine both days. cool in the mornings and afternoon highs around 80 with low humidity. then first part of next week getting more humid and wednesday, by then, might have a shower, clouds around, highs mid-80s. i'm back in a few minutes with another update. barbara? >> we'll see you then, tom, thank you. we'll check on the mid-day traffic. danella, anybody going to have problems if they're heading out right now?
11:37 am
>> definitely if they're traveling in midtown. water main break to get by in both directions on wisconsin avenue. also, if you're traveling on i-66 eastbound at nutley. delays start right around fairfax county parkway. 19 minutes to get to the beltway and the outer loop slow crossing the american legion bridge, those delays continue all the way to the dulles toll road. once you pass the toll road, you're absolutely clear. barbara, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. world renowned cyclist lance armstrong fighting new charges that he used performance enhancing drugs on his way to a record seven tour de france titles. the u.s. anti-doping agency says blood samples from 2009 to 2010 show signs of blood manipulation and the use of the drug epo. the former charges could strip armstrong of his victories and ban him from cycling for life. armstrong responded in a
11:38 am
statement saying "i have never doped and unlike many of my accusers, i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance. passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one." well, june is men's health month and this week leading up to and including father's day is national men's health week. with the focus on prevention and early detection. fitness expert steve hayes is here to share it with us. the fitness that he says plays a big part in prevention and making sure people stay healthy. welcome. >> hey, barbara. >> tell us who you brought today. >> fred and julian. >> you both look like you're in great shape. i mean, are you the only guy you know who has a father who looks like he's as in as good a shape as you are. >> we work out together. >> how long have you been doing that? >> couple years.
11:39 am
>> did you start? did you get him going working out as a youngster? >> he always had a lot of energy and he got going on his own. >> you realized you had to keep up with him if you were going to stay in charge. >> that's what he just said earlier. >> i have brothers and a father who was lifting weights, too, with them, just to make sure he had the upper hand. you say that physical activity improves circulation and heart health and helps to manage stress, too. tell us about that. >> when you're doing physical activities. another thing we try to do is exercise that you work three to four muscle groups at once. what it does gets your heart rate going and allows the body to burn body fat and also allows you to get that lean look and the weight loss and keeps your cardio vascular going. >> keeps them in great shape. let's see what they do. work out with a medicine ball today. let's have a look. >> now what we're doing here. this is what you call a turn and toss. it allows you to work the quads,
11:40 am
abs, hips and shoulders all at once. as i said, it's a three in one workout. it allows you to work the total body. as you walk the back. watch julian's back as he's going. >> anything you should do to be careful not to hurt your back? >> you don't want it jerk. smooth motion. lock the abs in and bend the knees. as you bend the knees, you take the pressure off the back. this one is a squat thrust throw. >> you have to be sure to catch that ball because you wouldn't want it to hit you. >> you don't have to use a ball that heavy. you can use one three or four pounds. >> how much should you do? >> i love this one. this is what is called a walk. it's a ball walk. what it does, it allows you to work the abs, the quads, hips, shoulders and also builds up your coordination. >> looks like he's beating you. >> i think fred got him on that one.
11:41 am
>> so, there are three that you just showed us and you have a few others that you'd like to do. >> matter of fact, this is the one i want to show you in our studio. this is the ball drop. this is the one, julian will sit on the floor. this allows you to work the shoulders and abs. you see as his arms come up and he stops and throws it up. again, you're working the abs and you stop and pull it up, you're working the shoulders. >> the person on the floor is doing the work. >> is ted getting any exercise? >> fred is going to get one because you switch it up. he'll do ten and then we'll switch up. now, in the next exercise that we're going to do, this is the one where you'll see fred, we volunteered fred to do the workout this time. now, here's one, it's abs and quads at the same time. he locks his legs out and he's working the abs, quads, hips and shoulders. it's all coordinated and works
11:42 am
and gives the core is an incredible workout with this. >> the core is very important. >> these are very good exercises for preventing and also for healing, too. >> plus, it's fun, too. you can do them wintertime, summertime. >> and a father and son together. >> father and son, it's father's day. >> people can see these exercises more closely if they go to our website, you have a quick fitness tip for us? >> this is men's health week and we need to get our check-ups, guys. a lot of times we can go to places that are free that allow us to get them with no costs or just a small cost, so, go to the and we'll give you information on the free clinics that you can go to. >> okay, fred, thank you very much for coming. great to have you. happy father's day to you. and to you, too, steve hayes. how many kids do you have? >> oh, a lot. >> i know it's a lot. you don't want to give us the number. oh, no.
11:43 am
maybe they'll call -- >> i have four grandkids. >> i think you have quite a few children. like seven or something? >> you're right. >> thanks a lot and happy father's day, again. it is now 11:42. still ahead, why a grocery store is opening and it's causing some traffic concerns. you'll want to know that. plus, golfing deals in our [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten.
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expect some heavy traffic this weekend in maryland for the grand opening of one of the country's most popular grocery stores. a new wegman's is set to open in columbia on sunday. howard county police say there could be major traffic delays around the store, starting as early as 7:00 a.m. the heaviest traffic on mcgaw road. you can also expect parking problems. police will be on hand to help keep traffic moving out there. more americans sought unemployment aid last week. let's check now with cnbc
11:47 am
courtney reagan. she has the rest of the day's business headlines, too. courtney? >> good afternoon to you, barbara. stocks really gaining strength throughout the training session today. up triple digits. 115 points as i glance over really on hopes that a greek tragedy will be avoided. the market is still squarely focused on elections in greece. they happen this weekend, which may determine whether the country exits the euro in an orderly or messy fashion. beyond greece, moody's cuts spain's credit rating by three notches making it even closer to junk status. domestically, the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits rose last week by 6,000 to 386,000. that's increasing the four-week moving average, as well. economists expected a drop. according to the labor department, as well. consumer prices dropped in may by the most in more than three years, thanks to lower gasoline prices. well, the cost of higher education keeps rising. the government is out with its annual report on college affordability. it finds the average tuition at a four-year public school
11:48 am
climbed 15% between 2008 and 2010. that was fueled by state budget cuts with increases of 40% or more in states like california, georgia and arizona. there were also significant increases at private schools, including for-profit schools, such as the net price is now twice that of harvard. the number of u.s. homes in foreclosure are getting a default notice rose 12% from april to may. the first increase in 27 months and up 16% from a year ago levels. foreclosure listing firm realty track says how bacs are working through the backlog of paperwork. increase on home's entering foreclosure last month led by new jersey, pennsylvania and florida. barbara, back to you. >> all right, have a great day. >> thank you, you, too. >> see you, courtney. in this week's wednesday's child. we meet a great student who wants to be a veterinarian some day. her name is deja and she got a
11:49 am
real treat lately when i took her to the red door spa for some special attention that she definitely deserves. >> welcome to the red door spa. are you excited about your spa day? >> yes. natalie hampture welcomed us and invited us through the red door. and on the other side, she symmet am of the people who will make this a special day for her. >> i want you to meet a few people who are going to pamper you today. >> her facial and her manicure. this was a special treatment for a young lady who had lots of times in her life that were not so special. as a foster child, she's had to move many times. she told us earlier it's been difficult. >> i've been in and out of foster care since i was 5. i have to keep on packing up my stuff and then i have to transfer the schools. >> she was enjoying the
11:50 am
pampering. her social worker says she's earned it, after doing so well in school. >> she's doing very well in school. she's actually been on the honor roll and she's been student of the month and that means that she achieved the highest level that the student could in that classroom. >> i think they're ready for you in the shampoo room. >> earlier she talked about her future. do you know what you want it be when you grow up? >> yes. >> what? >> a vet. >> that's fabulous. how did you make that decision? >> because i like animals, so, i want to be a vet. i love animals. >> she also talked about the family she'd like to have, if she could be adopted. >> i would like a family that likes cats and dogs and that's not allergic to them. >> the stylist got her ready for a new hair style and after blowing and brushing and braiding, she seemed pretty hap wae the results. >> wow, she looks fabulous. and there were things to take home for pampering purposes. but what she really wants are
11:51 am
parents who are ready to be there and love her before and after a day at a spa. and if you have room in your home and your heart for deja, call our adoption hotline. 1-88-to-adopt me. or logon to our home page at our time now 11:51. coming up a doggy beauty contest. [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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the 112th u.s. golf open championship is under way right now in san francisco. the most watched grouping is sure to be tiger woods, phil mickelson and master's champ bubba watson. another interesting storyline, andy zang of china will compete for the title. the youngest player to ever play in a major golf tournament. you can catch the first round action later today right here on nbc 4 from 3:00 to 5:00 and also coverage of the second round tomorrow at the same time. coverage starts saturday and sunday at 4:00 p.m. so, if you're watching the open and then that puts you in the golfing mood, we have
11:55 am
bargains for the greens to tell you about. how to golf in our area on a budget. well, that's not easy, is it? >> it is, actually. we are teaming with golf courses here in the washington area, a lot of great ones. >> a lot of them pretty expensive. >> but a lot run by the county. we'll see some that are a bargain. >> start by telling us about the golf course that has such a great view. >> you can't beat east potomac golf course. this is a fantastic golf course. two nine-hole courses and one 18-hole course. gorgeous weather and they're famous for having some of the best burgers you can find on a golf course. >> how are the greens fees? >> $30 on weekends. you really can't beat that. >> that's not bad at all. good course for beginners. >> you definitely have to head to falls road golf course. this is a fun course that has lots of wide greens and you're going to find lots of fairways.
11:56 am
if you can hit them, it's a straight shot. great for beginners, again, including golf cart rental, you'll pay under $50. >> that's not bad at all, is it? >> finally, tell us about a course where golf vets often like to go? >> definitely go to general ridges golf course. this is in manassas park and it's a beautiful course and also killer. this is something that you really want to do if you're a vet. our riders say it's like a mini golf course gone awry. it is really crazy, really hard to golf and, again, you'll golf for right around $50 on the weekends and that includes your golf cart rental and also has a really great cafe. >> you're bound to see good golfers out there if you want to go watch. >> also a great way to get away from the city. pretty serene out there. >> is it pretty reasonable? >> yes. under $50. >> thank you. and, of course, you can go to or the going out guide on
11:57 am for more ideas for things to do around here. our time right now is 11:56. time for a final check on our forecast. here's tom. >> good morning, the last few minutes of the morning now approaching the noon hour and still a lot of clouds over washington. live view there from our city camera showing a lot of cloudiness. 76 now at reagan national and it's comfortably dry and still dew point at 60 and easterly persistent wind bringing in the clouds coming in from across the bay and the eastern shore and to our north and far to our west, though, lots of sunshine. later today, might have an isolated sprinkle from those clouds otherwise partly sunny, upper 70s. low humidity, comfortable temperatures and that's the way it looks. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> all right, tom, thank you. you can now vote for the an washington animal rescue league best in shelter contest. this is a doxen mix and he doesn't have use of his back legs, don't call him
11:58 am
handicapped, look at him move. next is bella a sweet 7-year-old chihuahua who is just as happy chasing after toys as she is lounging and taking naps. hooch is the biggest of the bunch, but he doesn't know that. and there's max, a 1-year-old terrier mix. first place wins $50,000 for the shelter. you can vote by going to and that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, actually, we're here at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. back tomorrow morning at news 4 midday. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too.
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